” I know that I have the capacity to win gold” – interview with Sandra Naeslund

These days Sandra Naeslund is the main favourite to win gold medal in skicross during Olympic Games 2018 in Pyoengchang. She is world champion, winner Cross Alps Tour and leader World Cup. Welcome to an interview with one of the opponents Karolina’s Riemen-Żerebecka.

Kamil Karczmarek: First, I’d like congratulate you victory Cross Alps Tour. How is important this event for you?

Sandra Naeslund: Winning the Cross Alps Tour was important to me, even if the Olympics are the big goal of the season , I still focus a lot on the worldcup. Its good for the overall and for the self confidence that I performed good at the tour.

KK: Recently you won competition in Innichen. Do you think that track in Innichen is the hardest track on the world?

Sandra Naeslund: Innichen for sure has the hardest snow, and even if it is pretty small features in the course I would say its one of the most technical courses in the world cup.

KK: You’re leader World Cup. Do you feel pressure when you start as favourite?

Sandra Naeslund: Yes of course. I feel pressure to perform now when im in the lead. But the pressure from others is not a problem for me. I see it as a good thing that people believe in me. The most pressure come from myself and that sometimes are hard.

KK: Next stop World Cup will be Idre Fjall in Sweden. What mean for you perform in your country?

Sandra Naeslund: It always fun to compete in your home country. And of course you want to perform good when you have family and friends there watching. For the skicross in sweden I think it’s good that we perform, especially in Idre to get more interest for the sport.

KK: In previous season you won gold medal World Championships. Is this the most important success in your carrer? What are your memories from Sierra Nevada?

Sandra Naeslund: The gold last season in sierra nevada is the biggest and most important moment in my carrer so far. I have really good memories from spain, the skiing felt good and im really happy to win the gold.

KK: Ski cross is a very risk discipline. Marielle Thompson is injured and she won’t perform in Olympic Games, Anna Holmlund and Karolina Riemen-Żerebecka were in coma after crashes. Do you think fear during ski on dangerous track? What cause that you do ski cross?

Sandra Naeslund: I never feel scared when I do skicross. I knew the risks when I started with skicross. You can have bad luck in other sports too or outside the sport also.

KK: What do you think about comeback Karolina Riemen-Żerebecka half year after a big crash in Sierra Nevada?

Sandra Naeslund: I think its impressive of here to come back this fast and be able to ski at this high level again.

KK: One year ago your friend Anna Holmlund had a dangerous crash and she was 5 months in coma. What did you feel when you found out about it? How she feel these days?

Sandra Naeslund: It’s really terrible what happened it was a chock to hear about it.. and sad. I can say how she is feeling, that you need to ask her. But I’m happy that she is making progress and im wishing her the best.

KK: In Sochi you were close to olympic final A. What are your memories from your debut on Olympic Games?

Sandra Naeslund: It was a cool experience! And i remember being very nervous. But i was also happy about the result!

KK: Are Olympic Games in Pyoengchang your the most important goal in this season? Do you believe that you to be able to win a olympic medal?

Sandra Naeslund: The Olympics are the big goal of the season. I know that i have the capacity to win gold, but it’s though and there is no room for mistakes.

KK: What are your the most hardest opponents at this season?

Sandra Naeslund: So far it has been Heidi Zacher who has been skiing really good and on a high level all the races. But there are also a lot of other fast girls too.

KK: What do you think about your and ski cross popularity in Sweden?

Sandra Naeslund: The sport are growing in Sweden and more and more people are interested of it.

KK: Thank you very much!

Sandra Naeslund: Thank you very much!


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